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Manu Alves

Passionate about everything that communicates through the forms, types and images, graduated in Social Communication with qualification in radio and TV by the State University of Santa Cruz. She acts as an album designer, photographer and develops corporate visual identities. In his free time he devotes himself to illustrations and the creation of letterings.

Bruna Magnago

Bru has a degree in Product Design from Universidade de Vila Velha since 2012, where she also graduated in Law. She says she got involved with design in mid 2009 when she lived in Italy and never left. Some years ago she realized that in addition to working with branding, she wanted to be able to spark a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in the lives of people and brands. Her mission is to help people, through Design, to see what a dream, business & amp; purpose, walk together.

Thiago Luiz - Designer

Work with idealization, creation, development, configuration, conception, elaboration and specification of Products. I have experience with products produced industrially or through a series production system that demands standardization of components and standard drawing.

Thaís Gomes

Enchanted with the power of effective communication and with the infinite possibilities of expressing graphically the personality of brands, she graduated in Graphic Design from the State University of Minas Gerais and is studying Psychology. He is a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming by the Brazilian Institute of NLP and holds a specialization in Marketing and Strategy from La Verne University (California). He has experience in Creation of Visual Identity, Brand Management (Branding), Endomarketing, Digital Marketing and Business Management.

Talita Fonseca

Advertising for training, motion designer for passion and freelancer for option! For 8 years in the market acting as freelancer for large clients and always looking to perfect their work, and now Optme partner.